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European Goldfinch ( Carduelis carduelis )
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Red, black and white head. Yellow bars on wings. To the female the red mask is more discreet. European Goldfinch Goldfinches can winter everywhere where they find enough seeds in thatches. On the other hand, they can suffer many of the hail and the ice. They spend winter nights in branches and, in the morning, they fuss to calm their appetite. In the afternoon, they daydream in the top of a tree, make a stalk of dress and sing, from time to time (females also). At around midday, they drink and have a bath. Then, until the twilight, they spend time in search of food. The other species gets involved in beatings goldfinches, but if one hunts them, the groups re-form by separate sorts
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Clear forests, orchards, suburbs, parks, cemeteries. Except the brooding, uncultivated fields, lands with weed, especially in thistles, and with trees with reach.
Food  :Seeds.
Size  :4.728 inch (12,50-13 cm) Weight  : 14-17 g Wing span : 8.274 inch (21-25 cm)
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