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Alpine Chough ( Pyrrhocorax graculus )
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Sharply bigger than Eurasian Jackdaw. Semblabe in the chough but with a shorter and yellow beak. Blackish paws. Sing a lot , shouts are shrill, rolled and carry{*wear*} far. Alpine Chough Much more frequent than the chough in the Alps where it is typical wooden zones, until the eternal snows. On the rocky summits he should often the only bird be sung.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Rock faces with cracks, in the dry and bare regions, coasts until the high mountain. Colonies nest rarely below 2000m and until 3000m.
Food  :Omnivores, insects, berries, snails....
Size  :14.184 inch (36-39 cm) Weight  : 250-350 g Wing span : 25.61 inch (65-74 cm)
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